Define fixation.Types of fixative and their use

Definition of Fixation: It is process in which cells or tissue are preserved ( fixed) in physical state and partly in chemical state so that they will with stand subsequent treatment with various reagents with a minimum loss, distortion or decomposition. mechanism of fixation– stabilization and denaturation of proteins is the mechanism by which most … Read more

Preparation and staining of peripheral blood smear(PS)|A Step-by-Step Guide: Peripheral Blood Smear Preparation and Staining

Introduction: Peripheral blood smear preparation and staining is a fundamental technique used in clinical laboratories to examine the cellular components of blood. It involves spreading a thin layer of blood on a glass slide, fixing the cells, and applying appropriate stains to enhance the visibility of different blood cell types. This article will guide the … Read more

What is Immature platelet fraction(IPF)?

Introduction: Recent advancements in laboratory diagnostics have introduced a new parameter known as Immature Platelet Fraction (IPF), offering valuable insights into platelet production dynamics and clinical utility. Understanding Immature Platelet Fraction (IPF): IPF represents the percentage of immature platelets in the total platelet population. These immature platelets, also known as reticulated platelets, are newly synthesized … Read more

Synovial fluid analysis procedure

INTENDED USE: ¬†used for diagnosis of acute painful joint, Gout, pseudogout, and traumatic conditions like meniscal /ligament injury.: Synovial fluid aspiration analysis is a low-cost diagnostic test useful in the diagnosis and prognosis of potentially serious joint pathology like differentiating inflammatory arthritis from septic arthritis, or malignancy. Sample collection: synovial fluid is collected by arthrocentesis, … Read more

Hematology cell counters(coulters)

Hematology Coulter cell counters are laboratory instruments used to count and analyze blood cells. They are based on the principle of electrical impedance and light scattering , where cells passing through a narrow orifice generate an electrical pulse that is proportional to their size and volume. There are several types of hematology Coulter cell counters … Read more

Urine sediment preparation for microscopic analysis

Preanalytical factors: A suboptimal urine collection can affect the accuracy of the urine test results by introducing contaminating bacteria and epithelial cells from skin or vaginal secretions into the sample. Preservation of urine samples is essential for reliable assessments of urinary sediment. Urine samples should be refrigerated if testing cannot be performed within two hours … Read more